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GRADE "D" Water Operator's Certification Course


  • Apr 6 - 7, 2023
  • Oct 12 - 13, 2023


This two-day course is designed to meet the requirements of NYS Sanitary Code Part 5 relative to the training required to receive New York State Water Treatment Operator's certification. The book and handouts for this course are included at no extra charge.

Course Objectives include:

Understand the operator's responsibilities
Importance of hydrostatic & leakage tests
Procedures for becoming certified
Importance of flushing pipes
Understand importance of disinfection
Determining leaks
Define pressure
Major components of centrifugal pumps
Interpret pressure gauge readings
Importance of keeping maps and records
Recognize various pressures
Common winter operational problems
Shoring & trench excavation techniques
Proper thaw of frozen main & tank
Trenchless pipe replacement options
Proper pipe bedding
Understaning OSHA safety & personal protective equipment





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