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Basic Operations of Wastewater Treatment Plants


  • Jun 13 - 24, 2022
  • Aug 22 - Sep 2, 2022
  • Dec 12 - 23, 2022


This 60-hour course is designed and approved by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation to prepare wastewater treatment plant operators for the certification exam. A wide variety of aspects of treatment are presented. The textbooks for the course are Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants, Volume I, 8th Edition and Volunme II, 7th Edition by the University of California at Sacramento. The books are available directly from the Morrisville State College Bookstore. You can order in advance by calling the bookstore at (315) 684-6073 or purchase the books when you arrive on campus for the course. This course requires a lot of reading. It is strongly suggested that you aquire the book and read the first three chapters in volume I prior to the start of the course. NYS DEC requires each course participant to pass a written exam at the completion of the training course to meet part of the qualifications for certification. The exam covers a great deal of material, including math, and it is suggested that participants brush up on math skills. Field trips to local plants are an integral part of this course.

Topics covered during this course include:

Introduction to Wastewater Treatment
Preliminary & Primary Treatment
Biological Treatment
Fixed Film Biological Treatment
Suspended Growth Biological Treatment & Advanced Treatment
Clarifiers & Disinfection
Introduction to Solids Handling
Solids Stabilization & Disposal
Maintenance & Safety
Sampling, Analysis & Data Handling
Management & Supervision


6 Months Experience in Plant Operations



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